The Yes Spiral

February 10, 2012

On the other side of the mountain, a quiet town waits. The men are stone-faced, while their women brood.  Together they wait for release from thirst, and wearily yearn for sounds of water.

The river that ought to freely flow is held up by an inexplicable dam.  No one can guess the reason it stands.  The names of the builders are long forgotten.

How often we live in the shadow of real and invisible walls.  Few remember who laid the first stone, yet there the barricade scowls, unbending as ever.  A way through the towering rubble is found, however, when we reach out to meet needs other than our own.

One book refers to this attainable magic as a “yes spiral.”  Whatever the moniker, a way of life marked by selfless words and action is a mighty force.  It can heal a friendship; it can save a marriage.  With a slow and sure strength, it will chip away at the old, ugly dam, ‘till once-parched families feel thirst no more.

I’m sure you agree that creative, lasting romance – the kind that begins by saying “yes” – is hardly a trinket for February 14th.  It is a treasure to handle with contentment and devotion throughout the year to come.